Selection Panel

The Selection Panel allows you adjust the properties of the currently selected item. In Animate mode, you will only see properties that can be animated.

Transform Properties

Most objects in Nima have transform properties, so this section will usually always be available at the top of the Selection panel. Transform properties include Translation, Rotation, and Scale.

Freeze Joints

Enable Freeze Joints to make adjustments to your skeleton without affecting the position of other bones in your chain.
This is an easy way to adjust the length of your bones if you didn't line them up quite right when you first created them.

Freeze Images

Enable Freeze Images to reposition bones without moving child images.

Input Field Tips

Aside from typing values directly in an input field, you can make quick adjustments by clicking and dragging up and down.

Render Options

Set the blend mode and opacity of images under Render Options. Opacity can also be set on nodes and bones; this affects images that are children of the selected bone.

Pick Parent

Use the Pick Parent function to quickly set or change the parent of your currently selected object. You can also use the P shortcut.