How to use the Freeze feature to move transform spaces without affecting children.
This is the manual for the old version of Rive (formerly Flare). Visit the Help Center for the new Rive here.
Sometimes importing an SVG into Rive will create nodes at an undesirable location for animation. For example, take a look at this heart graphic.
This shape was imported with its transform space on the top left.
The heart shape is the child of a node (or group) that is positioned at the top left. This might be what you want in some cases. But in other cases you might want the node to be in another position. For example, you might want to create an animation where the heart (and any other children of the node) scale up from the center.
Because of the parent/child relationship of these items, moving the node will also move the heart shape. You could fix this by moving the heart shape up and to the left to center it with the node, but this would be really tedious to do for multiple shapes.
The simple solution is to use our Freeze feature, which is also very handy when fine-tuning bone positions.
Start by setting the Freeze option to Images.
Now you can move the node without affecting its children.
Even better, use the Freeze feature with our align tools to make sure the node is perfectly centered. Select the node and the heart shape, then hit the align buttons. You can also use a target item to align the node to a specific item.
Use the align tools to center the node.