Panning and Zooming

The primary way to navigate around the Stage is by panning and zooming.


  • Right-click and drag
  • SPACEBAR﹢ click and drag

Zoom In

  • Mousewheel up (hold CTRL for finer steps)
  • Mac: CMD+
  • Windows: CTRL+

Zoom Out

  • Mousewheel down (hold CTRL for finer steps)
  • Mac: CMD -
  • Windows: CTRL -

Actual Size

  • Mac: CMD0
  • Windows: CTRL0

Fit (Center on Selection)

  • F


Click directly on objects to select them. If nothing is selected, click and drag on an empty space of the Stage to marquee select.

Marquee to Add or Subtract from Selection

Add to an existing selection: hold SHIFT and drag to marquee select.
To subtract from an existing selection: hold ALT and drag to marquee select.
To toggle from an existing selection: hold CMD on Mac and CTRL on Windows and drag to marquee select.

Select or Deselect All Objects

Select All

If an object is already selected, the Select All shortcut will first select all objects of that type. Press the shortcut again to select all object types.
  • Mac: CMDA
  • Windows: CTRLA

Deselect All

  • Mac: CMDD
  • Windows: CTRLD

Select Behind Objects

When you hover over an object on the stage, Rive draws an outline around it. This is a hint to let you know that if you click, this object will be selected. Sometimes multiple objects can overlap one another, making it difficult to select the exact one you want. In this case, press ALT to cycle to the next object under your cursor. You can continue to press ALT until the object you want is outlined. Now click to select it.
Press Alt to cycle through the items below your cursor.
You can also right click on the object you want to select. Rive will present a menu with a list of all the objects that are directly below the cursor.
Right-click to view a list of all the objects below your cursor.
Last modified 3yr ago