Manipulate Keys

Keyed objects each appear on a single row of the timeline. Expand each object to reveal additional rows for each keyed property. The keys for each of these properties appear on the right hand side.
Use the white keys to move all the properties for an object. Use the blue keys to move specific properties.

All Keys

The very first row of the timeline is always the name of the current animation you are working on. The keys that appear on this row represent all the keys in the rest of the timeline below. Use these as a quick way to move all keys.

Animation Resizing

Change the duration of a portion of an animation by selecting a span of keyframes and holding ALT. Now grab a keyframe on the edge of your selection (yellow color) and drag to resize the selection. You can combine this with the "all keys" row to resize your entire animation.

Move Keys Shortcut

Hold Alt and press right or left arrow to move selected keys 1 frame on the timeline. Hold Shift to move the selection 10 frames.

Tip: Skip to Keys

If no object is selected, use the Skip to Keys shortcut to jump to all keys. Otherwise the shortcut will jump to keys of the selected object.
  • Skip Right: .
  • Skip Left: ,