Set Keys

Objects and their properties appear in the timeline once they have been keyed. To set a key, press the key button which appears next to all properties that can be animated.
Key Types
The key button has three states:
  • Not keyed
  • Changed (only if AutoKey is disabled)
  • Keyed
You can also key your current selection using the following shortcuts:

Key all transform properties (Translation, Rotation, Scale, and Length)

  • K

Key Translate


Key Rotation


Key Scale


Key Length


Tip: Key All Bones

Sometimes you may want to key all the bones in your rig. You can quickly do this by selecting a bone, pressing the Select All shortcut (Mac: CMD + A, PC: CTRL A), and then using the Key Rotation shortcut above (SHIFT + R). Note that the Select All shortcut works for any currently selected object type (e.g. if you have an image selected, pressing Select All will select all images). If you have no objects selected, the shortcut will Select All objects.