The Toolbar displays the tools you have available to manipulate and create items on the stage. Note that these change based on whether you are in Design or Animate mode.


The left-most icons in the toolbar open up menus that hold all the tools that are available in Rive. These tools can be used to manipulate existing objects on the Stage, or to insert new objects.
For specific details on these, please read our Tools section.

Visibility Options

Toggle the visibility of shapes, bones, and rulers.


Click and drag on the input field to change zoom level, or enter a number with the keyboard.

Zoom In

  • Mousewheel up (hold CTRL for finer steps)
  • Mac: CMD+
  • Windows: CTRL+

Zoom Out

  • Mousewheel down (hold CTRL for finer steps)
  • Mac: CMD-
  • Windows: CTRL-

Actual Size

  • Mac: CMD0
  • Windows: CTRL0

Fit (Center on Selection)

  • F

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