General Info

This handbook will guide you through the process of integrating Rive files in your apps and games using our open source runtimes.
This is the manual for the old version of Rive (formerly Flare). Visit the Help Center for the new Rive here.

What are the Rive Runtimes?

The Rive Runtimes are open source libraries that give you full control of your Rive files in frameworks and engines.
As we have recently changed from Flare to Rive, some of our runtimes and code snippets through out this handbook will still reference Flare.


The Rive Runtimes are all open source and licensed under the MIT License. Anyone obtaining the runtimes may use them in their personal and commercial applications.


Since all of our Rive runtimes are open source we encourage you dive in and take a look around! If you see something missing or feel you can improve upon it, then fork it! Create your own branch, commit your changes, push it and then submit a pull request. If we find your contribution useful to the community, we will merge it and make it part of our master branch.
For more help on how to create a pull request, follow this link.


As we publish updates to our Rive editor, we will occasionally push updated runtimes to support the new features. In most cases, the newest runtimes will also support previous versions of your Rive assets, so you will not need to re-export assets to update to the latest runtimes.
Because we support various languages and platforms, our new feature releases will be staggered per platform. In general, our stable branch on your repository will typically be the master branch unless otherwise noted.